Company Background

We are form to venture into business of automotive sales, maintenance and education. We strive to be the best automotive reseller and service centre in the region to provide the best one stop solutions service provider to our customers. With our dedication & knowledge acquire throughout these years from our associate companies, we believe in providing above satisfactory services to our customer in the shortest time can be made possible with the combination of the highest quality of work.

We also are modern, vibrant and successful institution working with industry and community partners to develop a technologically advanced, sustainable and ethical society.Realizing the importance of both academic & vocational training to the future of many industries, we make a major step forward to offer our professional services to all Malaysians & foreigners as well, offering a broad range of study options from IT, Communication, Human Resource Studies, Business Management to Motor Vehicle Engineering courses with a wealth of talented and experienced employees to help our students on their journey to academic & career fulfillment.With more than thousands of students already graduated from our centre, we pride ourselves on producing graduates with industry experience – graduates who can step directly into a job and contribute immediately and great visionary to contribute to the future of our country, the true meaning of “Experience, Vision & Future”.

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